Japser School Mgt. System

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Librarian (Library Management Module)

Manage all the activities of your school's library on a single platform

Accountant (Finance Management Module)

Have a complete overview of your schools financial standing

Student (Computer Based Testing Module)

Introduce students to computer-based testing early on

Teacher (Administrative and Statistical Module)

Operations of the Teacher

Head Teacher (Administrative and Statistical Module)

Operations of the Head Teacher

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About the Developer

NAME: Oluwole Oyetoke

EMAIL: oluwoleoyetoke@gmail.com

QUALIFICATION: B. Eng Information and Communication Engineering (ICE)

HOBBY: Hanging out with friends and Programming

ASPIRATION: To be an Embedded Systems Engineer

SUMMARY: This software was built to serve as my contribution to the improvement of the educational landscape of Nigeria, Africa and the World at large. Making this school management software freely available for use and adaptation will provide a good starting point for ICT driven schools with the intention of become computerized with their management activities, with little or no cash expenses. Enjoy your use, also feel free to contact me to suggest improvement areas.

Oluwole Oyetoke