An Optimized Computer Vision System for Traffic Sign Recognition and Detection in Autonomous Vehicles; Using a Convolutional Neural Network

Overall, this project seeks to explore the science behind Neural Networks (NN), its various flavours, application areas and then finally, narrow down by applying it in the design and development of a computer vision system which can be used for traffic sign recognition and detection in autonomous vehicles. The project starts off by designing, developing, implementing and testing a model of the proposed vision system on a CPU using MATLAB and then afterwards, the performance of the implemented vision system is further optimized through vectorization, parallelism, legacy coding and heterogeneous computing. The project is concluded with detailed analysis and evaluation of the various optimization schemes utilized as well as an evaluation of the excellent Neural Network’s classification accuracy.

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ARM Cortex-M3 Based Temperature Monitoring and Logging Device

In this project, the NXP LPC 1768 Microcontroller Unit successfully serves as the brain of a temperature logger device through its standardized interfacing with a TMP102 temperature sensor using the Inter- Integrated Circuit (I2C) protocol. Here, a Microcontroller is programmed using Embedded C while other unique functionalities of the ARM Cortex-M3 core such as Interrupt Handling and System Tick Timer efficiency are also explored in making the temperature monitoring device fully efficient.

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Green Bridge Computer-Based Testing System

An open-source software for Computer Based Tests. The CBT System is a Java Desktop Application designed by the integration of Java and MySQL to help provide a flexible platforms where by Computer Based Tests can be organized and performed.

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Jasper School Management Software

An open-source school management software. Designed for implementation in primary schools accross Nigeria. The software was developed using Java and MySQL. The major components of the software include:

  1. Student and Employee Data Storage and CoLlation
  2. Student and Class Performace Reporting and Analysis
  3. Finance Management
  4. Library Management
  5. Communication Module
  6. Fully Functional CBT Module

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